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Fix “Source url of disk is missing” when attaching disk to instance in GCP using Python

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  • 2 min read

I would like to briefly elaborate on an error I ran into, which is due to limited documentation on the Google Cloud Platform API. With this article, I hope to save you the time and effort to find the solution. I’ve been following an infrastructure-as-code approach to deploying GCP resources… 

Event deduplication for Facebook’s Conversions API using server-side GTM

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  • 4 min read

Facebook is betting big on its Conversions API to counter Apple’s privacy game. It leaves one wondering why there documentation is so poor. In this blog post, I describe how you can set up proper event deduplication when using both the Facebook pixel and the Conversion API. 💥 This blog… 

Solve Pandas read_csv: UnicodeDecodeError: ‘utf-8’ codec can’t decode byte […] in position […] invalid continuation byte

Reading CSVs is always a little bit living on the edge, especially when multiple regions are involved in producing them. In this blog post, we’re solving UnicodeDecodeError: ‘utf-8’ codec can’t decode byte […] in position […]: invalid continuation byte. Important, I’m assuming you got the error when you used Pandas’… 

How to: Concatenate strings from multiple rows by group (Pandas)

There are many situations that you have an 1:n relationship, where you would have wanted an 1:1 relationship. Sometimes, it makes sense to concatenate the strings from rows belonging to the same group. Let’s do that in Python, using Pandas. Imagine, you have the following table that contains an ID…