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What digital professionals should know about recent privacy evolutions

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  • 6 min read

In the past half decade, there have been huge shifts in the land of personal data and privacy. There have been numerous legal as well as technological evolutions. Both for analytical and advertising purposes, digital professionals rely on collecting and linking personal data. Consequently, these evolutions can have a solid… 

An almost complete overview of Apple WebKit’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention

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  • 10 min read

Historically, browsers have had a great deal of control over the online experience of end users. Since their genesis, several different browsers have competed for dominant market share. With the arrival of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), it seems that big tech is now using browser standards to target each other’s… 

Lijst van Data Protection Officers

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  • 3 min read

Werkende in de datasector weet ik hoe gevoelig persoonlijke data kan zijn. Ik weet ook hoe onvoorzichtig daar soms mee wordt omgesprongen. En ik weet hoe uw persoonlijke data tegen u kan gebruikt worden. Volgens artikel 21 van de algemene verordening gegevensbescherming kan u alle persoonlijke data opvragen die organisaties…