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Solving “inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation” in Visual Studio Code

Out of the blue, when coding Python in Visual Studio Code, you might run into the following error. “inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation” This happens, because somewhere in your code, indentation is different than in the rest of your code. Generally, Python doesn’t care what kind of… 

Date conversion from Excel to R

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  • 1 min read

It happened too many times before I write this blog post. Oftentimes, when I read Excel (xls or xlsx) files into R, I encounter this strange phenomenon where dates are converted to a 5 number integer. Here is how to fix it. For example, 02/01/2017 (dd/MM/yyyy) would be converted to… 

An almost complete overview of Apple WebKit’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention

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  • 10 min read

Historically, browsers have had a great deal of control over the online experience of end users. Since their genesis, several different browsers have competed for dominant market share. With the arrival of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), it seems that big tech is now using browser standards to target each other’s… 

“Hit Refresh”: Or how one man’s personal life helped Microsoft rediscover its soul

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  • 4 min read

Another management book? Not just a management book, but the story of Satya Nadella. Who? The son of a marxist economist and a drama professor but mostly known as Microsoft’s less famous, less rich, but current CEO. A brief review. Nadella’s book ‘Hit Refresh’ is a triptych. The first part…