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Skip final row when reading a CSV with Pandas

In this article we elaborate on the multiple ways to remove the final line of a CSV in Python when loading it with Pandas’ read_csv function.

Remove final row(s) after loading the file

Removing the final row from a Pandas DataFrame can be done with a simple slice. The following lines of code provide four ways to remove the final line from a DataFrame: by slicing, using iloc(), using head() and using drop().

import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv(...)

df.drop(df.index[len(df) - 1])

Remove final rows while parsing the file

But what if you want to read a CSV without reading the last line into memory altogether? That’s where read_csv()‘s skipfooter comes into play. Here’s how the documentation describes this parameter:

skipfooter : int, default 0
Number of lines at bottom of file to skip (Unsupported with engine=’c’).

As you can see from the description, skipping the last row of a CSV is unsupported when you’d like to parse the file using the C engine. It is faster, but has less features — e.g. it doesn’t support skipfooter.

df = pd.read_csv(..., skipfooter = 1)


The Python engine is really a lot slower. So, what can you do when using the Python engine makes loading the files extremely slow?

  • Improve loading speed by (1) specifying the dtypes in advance using dtype, (2) specify the headers using header, (3) specify columns using usecols.
  • If you know the number of rows within the file, you can use the nrows parameter and simply subtract the number of rows you don’t want to read in.
  • Split the file in chunks, and apply the skipfooter parameter only on the last file.
  • Load the full file and use one of the methods described in the first section from this article.

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