Solve “Error parsing parameter … : Expected: ‘=’, received: ‘EOF’ for input:” in AWS CLI

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  • 1 min read

The following error might occur when you would like to pass the contents of a file to an AWS CLI command. Amazon web services has very strict rules regarding referring to file contents. When you refer to the content of a file you need to use the file:// protocol. The… 

Send Optimizely Experiment and Variation to GA4 via GTM

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  • 4 min read

Optimizely is an amazing product for running experiments on your digital platforms. However, their documentation is somewhat outdated. In this blog post I would like to elaborate on how to send Optimizely’s experiment ID and variation ID to Google Analytics 4 in an event parameter. Judging from the screenshots, Optimizely’s… 

Solve “Message: ‘chromedriver’ executable needs to be in PATH”

All of us data hoarders get to a point where we need to circumvent in-place rules that prevent us from scraping the web. Enter: Selenium. The world’s favorite tool for automating tasks in a browser. Selenium uses ChromeDriver, initially created for automated testing, but also a splendid scraping tool. In… 

Dataform: Create if incremental table doesn’t exist (JS)

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One of Google’s latest acquisitions, ELT data orchestration tool Dataform, supports JavaScript. This is a great way to chain Dataform’s actions. In this blog post we explore how to automatically create a destination table in your data warehouse, before an incremental definition is run. If you are interested in a…