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How to add a leading zero to a month in Hive


Recently, I’ve been working with Hive a lot and I bumped into this simple thing that I wasn’t aware of existed in SQL. So I decided to share in this blog post.

Let’s say you need to extract a month from a timestamp. The following code snippet will return a string: one or two numeric characters, depending on the month. October – December will have two characters, all other months will have one.

MONTH(your_timestamp) AS month

This can be annoying, for example when you’re concatenating the month to the year. There are multiple ways to ensure you always receive two digits.

Using a CASE statement

First, you could add a CASE statement that checks the month and adds a zero when necessary.

      MONTH(your_timestamp) < 10 THEN CONCAT(0,MONTH(your_timestamp))
      ELSE MONTH(your_timestamp)
END AS month

But maybe, let’s not add four lines of SQL when it’s not necessary.

Using LPAD

However, there’s a more elegant way: use LPAD. By setting the minimum length of the strength, and setting the padding character to a zero, you’ll achieve the same thing.

LPAD(MONTH(your_timestamp),2,0) AS month

By the way, this should work in many other SQL dialects such as MySQL and Oracle.


Finally, you could stick with date functions and replace MONTH with DATE_FORMAT. By specifying the MM date pattern, the DATE_FORMAT function will always return two digits for the month.


Happy querying!

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