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Solve Microsoft Office turning ‘revenue’ into ‘revenu’

Every time the word ‘revenue’ turns into ‘revenu’ because Microsoft Office thinks it is a good idea, I start bleeding from my eyes. Hundreds of bloody tissues later, I finally decided to fix it. And it’s surprisingly easy.

Apparenty, there is a rule in the Dutch (Nederlands) AutoCorrect that is causing the word to change. I couldn’t find the word in the Van Dale, but multiple sources say the word ‘revenu’ is a 19th century word for ‘income’, more specifically, ‘capital income’ or income generated by an asset.

Very interesting and all, but let’s just erase it from our 21st century AutoCorrect, right? Here goes:

  1. Go to File > Options
  2. Select Proofing
  3. Click AutoCorrect Options…
  4. In the input field Replace, type ‘revenue’
  5. Select that line in the box below
  6. Click Delete

Great success!

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3 thoughts on “Solve Microsoft Office turning ‘revenue’ into ‘revenu’”

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