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What are dashboards? Dashboarding is the practice of visualizing data in an easy-to-comprehend overview. In a dashboard, all information is presented in one or multiple (not too many) panes. A good dashboard is tailored to each individual user, in line with the project or KPIs they are working on. Modern… 

Data Integration

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What is data integration? Data integration is the practice of collecting and bringing together data from multiple data sources. This can be for a variety of reasons such as reporting, analysis, artificial intelligence, a customer 360° view, etc. Bringing data together is useful because it helps you see the bigger… 

Self-Service Analytics

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What is Self-Service Analytics? Self-service analytics is a specific type of business intelligence (BI) in which business professionals have the responsibility to perform queries, analyze data, and generate reports, without the need for a technical set of skills. The advantage of self-service analytics is that analysis of data is no…