kibana error in visualization property of undefined

Fixing Kibana error ‘Error in visualization – Cannot read property of undefined’

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Kibana is a great tool, with corporate-level user management, to visualize data from the Elasticsearch stack. Given the highly customizeable user roles, it’s easy to run into errors that appear to be gibberish. Here’s an example:

Error in Visualization
Cannot read property ‘x’ of undefined

It seems to not make a lot of sense. However, it does. The problem is that some widgets are trying to access data that is unavailable to the user that’s trying to load the dashboard.

The solution is rather trivial: if you want users to properly access a particular dashboard, you should give them also give them proper access to the underlying indices.

This can be done by an administrator or superuser in the menu:

  1. Management
  2. Roles (Security)
  3. + Create Role (or edit a role)
  4. Indices (Elasticsearch)
  5. Select the appropriate indices

Once the user has access to the needed indices, he will be able to load the right visualizations. Logging out is not even necessary.

Great success!

Want to do a random act of kindness? Share this post.