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Changing to Dutch (Belgian) Keyboard Layout in Ubuntu

For many Linux newbies, setting up the system to your personal preferences can be a bitch. Although particularly hard in any operating system, doing it in Ubuntu can be challenging if you don’t know how.

1. Steps to take:In the top left: click on activities, type ‘settings’ and go click on the icon.
2. Go to Region & Language
3. Click on Manage Installed languages

4. Click on Install / Remove Languages
5. Search for ‘Belgian
6. Click on Dutch (Belgium)
7. Click on Belgium (Wang 724 AZERTY)
8. Click Add

If this input source is missing do the following:
A. Click on Manage Installed Languages
B. Click on Install / Remove Language
C. Make sure that French is checked
D. Go back to step 4

9. Move Belgian up in the hierarchy by clicking it and then clicking the up arrow.

10. At the right on your taskbar, change the input to be.

Good luck!

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