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Performance Metrics: F1-Score

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What is the F1-Score? The F1-Score has many names: F-Score F-Measure Sørensen’s Similarity Coefficient Sørensen–Dice Coefficient Dice Similarity Coefficient (DSC) Dice’s Coincidence Index Hellden’s Mean Accuracy Index The F1-Score is a metric to evaluate the performance of a binary classifier. It is calculated as the harmonic mean of the precision… 

Performance Metrics: Jaccard Index

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What is the Jaccard Index? The Jaccard Index (JI) is a performance metric that also has many other applications in a variety of fields and domains. That’s why it has a lot of names: Jaccard Coefficient Jaccard’s Coefficient of Community Jaccard Similarity Coefficient Jaccard–Tanimoto Coefficient Tanimoto Similarity Coefficient Short’s Measure…